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  I am the Artist, this is my Home,

          As an artist I have always been extremely difficult to find inspiration in creating works associated to subjects that I have little or no interest in. I think this would probably be true for anyone who practices the arts in any form. I use to sit in art classes and cringe at the thought of pursueing a project that I thought was undeserving of my abilities and interest as an artist. Depending on the instructor, sometimes this was the case. I have also trained under instructors that would assign projects that would seem insignificant untill well into the project when it became apparent that there was a masterful mind behind a work that was to test the distinct abilities of a student in ways the student could never initially comprehend until his / her true potential was realized. This is the signature of a teacher. One who guides and enlightens.

          Throughout the years I have known many talented artists that have fallen alongside the road of life. Forsaking their God-given abilities to step into the rush of everyday society. There are artist among us whos works will never been seen or realized because they left and know not how to return to what inspires and drives their unrealized creative abilities.

          Some know their potential. Unfortunaley society has destroyed the drive of many artists whos abilities cannot be imagined with the import of “assembly line art” produced in impoverished countries with underpaid workers. This is what you buy in your tyical art store. And every painting that is sold from these importers reinforces a real artists deepest fears, never becoming one. I personally prefer not to even step foot into a Gallery unless it represents an artist.

          As an Artist myself, I take pride in what I do, although very self-critical. I see with everyone I meet, every show I do, exibitions, and inquiries from my site, those that have the inner drive that feel inspired by what I do to take that step back into themselves and realize that its not just a stupid dream, it’s a gift that no one can ever take but takes initiative and motivation. I encourage anyone with even an interest in the arts to jump for it and let it take you where it may. If its not you, then its your child, a neice, a nephew, another family member, and especially children of your community. Around you somewhere, there is an artist, it may be you. And without the proper motivation, they and all they would have created will never be.

          I personally have found myself in my maps, in history, and in the sea. This is where I am and where I will stay.

          “In thy Map, Securely Sail!”